NEW: Whipped Soap Base from Scratch (Foaming Bath Butter, Bath Whip, Shave Soap)

This recipe has been in the works for OVER a year! Learn to make Whipped Soap Base from scratch and turn it into different products including shave soap and whipped sugar scrub! Your customers are going to love this dynamic base! 


Wonder Bar

Wonder Bar is a humid-proof bubble bar recipe that can be rolled, scooped and even piped! It truly is a wonder!


Robyn's Humid Weather Bath Bomb Recipe

If you live in a humid area, this recipe will have you successfuly making bath bombs that dry rock-hard!


Shower Steamers Recipe

Learn to make shower steamers and soothers for your shower-loving friends!


Cosmetic Bath Sprinkles

Create bath-friendly, sugar-free, 100% cosmetic-compliant sprinkles for your bath bombs and bubble bars!

Robyn’s Color Studies

STUDY IN BLUE: Creating the Perfect Blue in Bath Bombs by Robyn

Blue is said to be the most popular “favorite color,” and that makes sense. We live in a world...

STUDY IN BROWN: Creating the Perfect Brown for Bath Bombs by Robyn

I live in south Texas. Our trees don’t change to beautiful, fiery hues in the fall. Instead. They...

STUDY IN ORANGE: Creating the Perfect Orange for Bath Bombs by Robyn

Orange is a universally comforting color. While we typically think of it as a color for harvest...

STUDY IN RED: Creating the Perfect Red for Bath Bombs by Robyn

Color Theory is the study of ideas that drive our choices and preferences in color. Red is one of...

STUDY IN BLACK: Creating the Perfect Black for Bath Bombs by Robyn

Questions on coloring bath bombs are among the most common concerns in the bath bomb community....

Choosing Colorants for Bath Bombs (Start here if you don’t know what to choose!)

Amanda was asked which 3 bath bomb colorants we would recommend if someone was just starting out....

STUDY IN PURPLE: Creating Custom Purple Color Blends for Bath Bombs by Robyn

If you have been making Bath Bombs for any length of time, then you’ve probably tried to make...

STUDY IN GREEN: Creating Custom Green Color Blends for Bath Bombs by Robyn

I made these intense Rainbow bath bombs, and was really excited to see how vivid the colors looked...

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Hand Painted Bath Bombs

Hand Painted Bath Bombs

So you’ve mastered the art of making bath bombs, (or at least feel like you have a firm grasp on the process!) and you’re ready to move on to some more advanced techniques. Might I suggest you investigate painting? This month on Patreon we are focusing on painting...