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Robyn’s Humid Weather Bath Bomb Recipe (PDF)

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Making bath bombs in wet, rainy weather can be so frustrating! If you live in an area with constant high humidity, then you’ll need a recipe that can hang day in and day out without failing, warting, cracking or crumbling.

I make bath bombs in the rain. Not out in the rain per se, but it will for sure be raining outside, and there’s me inside making bath bombs like a boss. If I had to wait for the humidity to drop, then I would just be making soap. Living on the Gulf Coast of Texas is bad enough. We have hurricanes and a tropical climate that is oppressive. You can step outside and immediately be drenched in sweat from the 80-90% humidity we face nearly year round. I seriously have questions about the people who decided to drain a swamp, build a city, then name it Houston. I have even more questions about the people who decided to stay here before the advent of air conditioning. But I digress.

My original recipe was much simpler and a gift from my friend who made bath bombs that I loved. The problem was, she lives in an arid climate and the recipe wouldn’t work for me. The bath bombs cracked and turned to piles of fragrant dust. This started the journey of a thousand notebooks. Well, maybe not that many, but there were definitely pages and pages of notes as I tweaked this recipe out. There were certain elements I wanted to include. I loved the way Kaolin clay felt in the water. There were certain standards I wanted to meet. I wanted bath bombs that really lasted a long time. And above all, I needed them to work. All the time. Every time. Rain or shine. And they do!

I make these bath bombs all the time in humidity at 70% and above! Hopefully they will help others who live in wet swampy environments as well!

Because of the unique formulation, little to no binder is needed and the batches won’t dry out mid-process, even when making multi colored bath bombs, however, they still dry rock hard!

Many people have commented on this while watching me (Robyn) make bath bombs live, and this recipe has been requested over and over… so here it is! We hope you enjoy making with it and please share your creations with us in the Bath Fizz and Foam Facebook Group.

5 reviews for Robyn’s Humid Weather Bath Bomb Recipe (PDF)

  1. Zehavah Allen

    I purchased this recipe it took me a few weeks to get around to it. I finally work on a project, at first I Didn’t use a mixer…second time around I used one and it makes a difference. I love this recipe! Made the guess work for me easy with this recipe! Recommend!

  2. Katherine Kalinowski

    I got this recipe through the Father’s Day Boot camp classes and I absolutely love it! I made a few tweaks, based on where I live, that I only make vegan products, and how wet or dry I need my mix in order to work with my molds. That being said, this recipe as written is pretty fail-proof! I highly recommend this and pretty much anything Robyn concocts – she’s a (evil?) genius and your customers will thank you!

  3. Shannon (verified owner)

    Hands down best recipe I have used and it will now be my go to! I live on Vancouver Island and its always humid here and I get perfect rock hard bombs even if its raining out! Highly recommend!

  4. Renee McNair

    I got Robyn’s recipe in Bubble Boot Camp and it works! I tried bath bombs once before and failed miserably. This recipe was a win from the first batch! Love how it feels in the bath and so do my customers.

  5. Nectaria Bogdanis

    I got this recipe as part of one of the bubble bootcamps (which I cannot recommend highly enough – SO MUCH great info, but I digress; this is feedback for this recipe, not the bootcamps). I admit I was torn about changing up my recipe, because I already had a great recipe that I loved, but I thought I’d try it out anyway. This one is FANTASTIC!I don’t live in a humid environment (I’m in the Toronto, Canada area), so I tweaked it a tiny bit (a bit less oil…but literally a BIT) and it stays the right consistency throughout my molding time!!! It usually is the perfect consistency after mixing, so I rarely have to use binder. And if I do, so far, I haven’t had to wet it at all halfway through making my bombs! My other recipes always dried out a bit as I was working, and it was kind of annoying to have to get the right consistency again. (And sometimes, I’d have to give up – it just couldn’t get back to where I needed it.)

    All above is about the making process, but maybe you’re curious about the results? This recipe has several ingredients that help add lots of foam to your bath bomb. And let me tell you – the show goes on and on and on! Most of mine last at least 10 minutes!!!! I feel great offering this product to my customers – I feel like they’re getting their money’s worth.

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