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Wonder Bar: Bubble Bar Recipe + Process (PDF Guide)

(11 customer reviews)



Are you tired of making bubble bars and bubble scoops that won’t dry?!?!

This bubble bar recipe creates solid bubble bath that dries within hours! It was specially formulated to work in any environment, including high humidity.

Bubble bars can a pain to make! If you aren’t using a recipe geared for your environment, or can’t get the texture right where you live, then the finished project might take days and days to dry. In some cases, a recipe might not ever dry correctly! The Wonder Bar Bubble Bar Recipe makes that a thing of the past.

There is no guesswork on the finished texture. As long as you follow the steps in this guide, your bubble bars will be hard and dry!

This recipe and process is extremely versatile. In the guide I explain how to tweak the recipe for different applications.

  • Bath Bomb Presses – You can create a powdery version of Wonder Bar and press using bath bomb presses! You can use hand presses, like Cada Molds, or you can use an electric press like Electra-Press (I haven’t tested other machine presses).
  • Scoops – You can created a scoopable version of Wonder Bar and scoop into adorable ice cream scoops!
  • Rolls – You can create a very moldable version of Wonder Bar and roll into adorable bubble bar rolls!

The recipe is soooo versatile! You’ll soon be creating the most adorable bubble bath that dries every time!

11 reviews for Wonder Bar: Bubble Bar Recipe + Process (PDF Guide)

  1. Jennifer Steele

    I took the bubble boot camp 2.0 and learned how to make the wonder bar from it. I have used this recipe for scoops, rolled and even with 3D molds and it works like a charm every time! If you have trouble with your solid bubble bath recipe this wonderful bar recipe is the answer to your prayers!

  2. Alexis Anderson (verified owner)

    I Have Purchased Many Bubble Bar Recipes, But Nothing Compares To The Wonder Bar Recipe! Hands Down The Best Bubble Bar Recipe Out There. Works Like A Charm, And Produces Amazing Bubbles.

  3. Rose V. (verified owner)

    This Wonder Bar recipe is it! The secret to creating the perfect bubble bar to use in different ways (scoops, rolled, etc) is here. I’ve purchased other recipes and have had mixed results. Not with this one. My first batch came out perfect! I am grateful I don’t have to search for any more recipes.

  4. Michelle Skurkis

    O M G! I’ve been making bath products for a long time, always selling out and filling orders for more.
    Then BAM! along comea this recipe and allows me to up my business to levels I never thought possible!.
    I’m always challenged by humidity and heat, but these harden so fast, that there is no time for them to wart or get soft from heat and humidity.
    If you’ve been frustrated by making bath bombs and bubble bars- Get. This. Recipe. Do it.
    You won’t be disappointed.

  5. Kameron

    Love this recipe!!! Easy to make!! Pipe it, mold it , perfect everytime I’ve used it!! Can’t rave about this recipe enough!!

  6. Amy

    Finally!! Even though I live in a dry climate, I have never been able to get my bubble scoops to harden. I was about to throw in the towel when I tried the wonder bar and the recipe worked! So happy!!

  7. Katy Walker (verified owner)

    Works great for my humidity and loads of bubbles!! Also so versatile!! Amazing!!

  8. Cheryl Handavaka

    Love this recipe!! It is easy! Super modifiable to your needs, and makes a seriously firm/hard and stable product!!!

  9. Nectaria

    Easy and a Life Saver

  10. Nectaria

    Easy and a Life Saver! No more waiting for days for your bubble bars to dry!! I had an order for some bubble scoops, and I didn’t have enough in stock to fill the order. Normally, my customer would have to wait an extra week or so to give me time to make the product and let it dry before I could package it. But this time, I was able to make it and have it packaged and out the door within a couple of days!

  11. Kaitlyn (verified owner)

    This is the best bubble bar I have tried! No more waiting days for it to dry. Mine are rock solid after 12-24 hours depending on humidity. The bubbles are top notch as well.

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