Shower Bombs – Recipe + Process Guide




Learn to make shower bombs with Amanda Aaron!

8 page – Downloadable PDF Handout

Have you heard of shower bombs? A shower bomb is a bath bomb for the shower! It is formulated to work a little differently than a regular bath bomb.

To use a shower bomb you hold it in your hand under running water. Once wet, it activates, creating a dense and creamy foam. You scoop off the foam and rub it on your body! It leaves behind smooth and moisturized skin. I’ve formulated a shower bomb that you can spread over a few showers.

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NOTE: An earlier version of this PDF states that binder is optional! After more experimentation, it isn’t! A bit of binder helps to create hard bombs (instead of powdery) by activating the mixture slightly. So, even if you just add a spray or two, add binder. 🙂


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