Best Ever Emulsified Body Butter and Lotion Recipes




Learn how to made decadent emulsified body butter and lotion!

An emulsified body butter (similar to a thick cream) can be described as a hybrid of a water-based lotion and oil-based body butter. It is lighter and less greasy than a traditional body butter, and is more nourishing and moisturizing than a regular lotion. 

Emulsified body butter has a higher concentration of oils and fats than regular lotion, and contains water to help those oils quickly absorb into the skin. They are emulsified, thickened and stabilized using waxes and fatty alcohols like stearic acid.

The resulting product is light, fluffy but oh so rich and creamy on the skin! You’re sure to love it!

We also included a lotion version of the recipe for those that prefer a traditional lotion. It can be packaged in pump top bottles for ease of application!


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