Emulsifying Solid Scrub Bars




A solid emulsifying shower scrub bar is a combo of a solid lotion bar + exfoliants + emulsifying ingredients so that it self-emulsifies with the shower water. It’s like an emulsifying body scrub, in bar form. Because it pretty much turns into lotion when using it, it leaves your skin moisturized and soft. You won’t need lotion when you get out of the shower!

Why make your own scrub bars?

Making your own scrub bars allows you to control what ingredients you include. You can make fun shapes using varying silicone molds. You can add fun and exciting scrubby ingredients to completely customize your solid scrubs.

The Benefits of Solid Scrub

  • Little to no packaging, reducing plastic waste.
  • Scrub bars save space in the shower. No bulky jars.
  • Easier and less messy to use than jar scrubs. You just rub them on your body like a bar of soap.
  • They travel well! Just make sure you allow them to dry before packing away.

Your customers are sure to love them!


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