Our Team

Bath Fizz and Foam is a collaborative project between Amanda Aaron and Robyn French Smith!

Amanda Aaron

Gives it to you straight. Loves to formulate.

Hello! I’m Amanda, owner and blogger at Lovin’ Soap Studio. I’m the author of Fun in the Tub: Creating Bath Bombs, Solid Bubble Bath, Bubble Frosting and Bubble Scoops.

I’ve been making bath and body products since 2008. I quickly went from selling soap and other bath products to teaching classes in my own classroom and at conferences around the world. I’ve published over 200 blog posts, written over 15 books and have an extensive lineup of online courses. I’m so excited to have you join me online and can’t wait to dive into the amazing projects that I have planned!

Check out my book, Fun in the Tub, on Amazon!

Robyn French Smith

Brings all the fun & creativity. Makes a cheeseburger out of a mermaid tail.

My name is Robyn French Smith, and I own Scandalous Soap Company! I studied fine art at the University of St Thomas and the Glassell School of Art in Houston TX, and graphic design at The Art Institute of Houston. I started dabbling in DIY bath and body products over 10 years ago after moving to Alaska.

While I knew how to make bath bombs for several years, I didn’t start formulating and designing my own bath fizzies until 2019 when I left my former LLC and launched my own company.

Using my background in art to create beautiful and unique bath products, has been a joy! I love testing and experimenting, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned!

Check out my book, Bath Bomb Revolution, on Amazon!