Did you catch the Orange and Black Bubble Wand Tutorial? If not, check it out! This tutorial is about the same thing, just different colors.

The Orange and Black Bubble Wands were made using a full batch of Wonder Bar. This batch was actually made after piping swirls on top of cauldrons (tutorial coming soon). I wanted to share it because if you’re ever left with bubble frosting that you don’t need, piping wands is a great way to use up the rest of your batch!

For this project, I used Wonder Bar! Wonder Bar is a bubble bar recipe that can be pressed like a bath bomb, scooped into bubble scoops, rolled into fun rolls and piped into bubble frosting! It is the most dynamic bubble bar recipe on the market. Check it out here!

You can use Wonder Bar or you can use your favorite pipeable bubble frosting. This tutorial is all about the design.

So, what’s a bubble wand? In case you’re new to all of this, a bubble wand is a bubble bar attached to a stick (cake pop stick, or pop sickle stick) that you hold under running water to create a bath full of bubbles! My kids LOVE bubble wands! They love holding them under running water as bubbles magically appear!

Here’s how to make them!

Get the Wonder Bar recipe here. You can use a full batch or you can dip out of a masterbatch and only make a few! And like I mentioned above, this was actually the leftovers from piping on cauldrons.

Other ingredients and supplies needed:

  • Purple colorant – We used Robyn’s purple color study to make the perfect purple using lakes. You can also use your favorite purple mica, as long as it is cosmetic approved.
  • Black colorant – We used Robyn’s black color study to make the perfect black using lakes. We do not recommend using charcoal or black oxide in bath products.
  • Pop sickle sticks (or cake pop sticks)
  • Cosmetic approved, eco Glitter
  • Bat rings – We found adorable bat rings from a party supply store!

When it comes to bubble wands, it is ALL about consistency. As mentioned, Wonder Bar allows you to create a pipeable bubble frosting. These directions are outlined in the PDF when you purchase.

Step 1: Mix Wonder Bar until you get a pipeable consistency! It should look like frosting.

TIP: Try a test piping! If your piping is airy and cracking, then add more alcohol!

Step 2: Divide your mixture to color. Color one using purple and one using black. If your mixture dried out a bit during the coloring process, simply add more alcohol to get it back to piping consistency!

Step 3: Put each mixture into a bag (don’t cut the bags!).

Step 4: Cut the tip off of each bag as shown. (Notice there are not tips!)

Step 5: Prepare another bag with your tip. My favorite tip for piping bubble wands is the Ateco 847 tip.

Step 6: Place both colors into the new bag as shown. Try to keep them evenly inserted so when you squeeze, they’ll both come out at the same time. This will allow you to pipe a double colored bubble wand!

Step 7: Pipe a blob of Wonder Bar.

Step 8: Pipe a circle surrounding the blob.

Step 9: Place a stick on top of this first layer. Having a bottom layer and a top layer creates a more stable bubble wand where the stick won’t fall out!

Step 10: Pipe another swirl on top to complete your bubble wand.

Step 11: Top with a fun toy! We added a bat ring! Sprinkle with glitter, if you want! We love cosmetic, eco glitter!

Step 12: Allow your bubble wands to dry for 1-3 days (depends on your humidity).

Tip: Dry your bubble wands in a room with a dehumidifier.

Once dry you can package your bubble wands! I like to package in a bag, tied with a ribbon!

To use a bubble wand, simply direct your customer to hold it under hot running water. As the water dissolves the bubble wand, it create a bath full of bubbles!

Happy Bubble Making!

Robyn & Amanda

Wonder Bar Bubble Bar Recipe + Process Guide

Get one recipe to make it all! Make bubble bar scoops, rolls and bubble frosting, using just ONE recipe! Get Wonder Bar here.