Lip Balm, Glosses and Salves Recipes + Process Guide


Learn to make lip products!



Lip balm is a great product to make and sell because it is EASY to scale up! It is small, which makes it inexpensive and easy to ship. Your customers are sure to love these new products!

The three types of lip balms we will be covering will be lip balms in tubes, lip balms in pots, and gel lip balms for use in doe foot applicators with/without wands. With each type we give you a few different options on waxes, butters, and liquid oils. There are vegan options, “all-natural” options, and conditioning options.

There are firm balms, soft ones, silky smooth ones, and ones that are gooey and soft. No matter what lip balm you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered!


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