Bath Bomb and Bubble Bar Drizzle Guide




Cocoa Butter drizzle can be an extremely versatile tool for makers, and this e-book takes you from the most basic versions to ones that are far more complex. Along with Amanda’s fantastic drizzle recipe from Fun In The Tub, there are new recipes for you to try!

Each is tailored towards a certain aspect of design that we wanted to explore, like swirling, dipping or outlining products.

NOTE: If you are signed up for the Holiday Bootcamp, you will get this recipe as part of bootcamp!

We’ve also taken the time to test these recipes over and over, and we’re confident they will work for you! We can’t wait to see what amazing bath bomb and bubble bar designs you create with with these recipes!

You’ll be amazed at the character that a little drizzle can give to your bath bomb or bubble bar creations!

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