Who doesn’t love llamas these days…? My daughter is obsessed with the Llama Llama books, so I thought I would make her a llama bath bomb!

The bath bomb and bubble frosting recipe are both from my book, Fun in the Tub: Creating Bath Bombs, Solid Bubble Bath, Bubble Frosting and Bubble Scoops. As of this moment, it is on sale! You can also grab the eBook here.

For the mold, I used a mini fluted baking pan. You can use any mold that you’d like, including a cupcake base. You just need something for the llama to sit on.

The llamas are from Hobby Lobby. The have all sorts of little toys you can choose from.

These bath bombs are pretty big! My basic recipe (found in the book or you can use this one) makes about two! It is a small batch, especially formulated for those learning. Once you make a small test batch, you can scale up the recipe to make several at a time.

First step is to make your bath bombs! Like I said, my basic recipe makes two. So, I just made two for fun. You can follow the basic directions here on how to make them.

For the bath bomb bases I used Yes, Another Teal Dye from Muddy Soap Co.

Allow your bath bomb bases to dry for at least 24 hours until you add your bubble frosting, or the bubble frosting might activate the bath bomb a bit.

Now you can add your bubble frosting skirt! A batch of bubble frosting from Fun in the Tub was enough for two llamas, with a little bit left over. I absolutely love this recipe. The frosting is easy to work with and gets super hard after a couple of hours.

Robyn, our guest blogger, wrote a post sharing a bubble frosting that she came up with! I haven’t tested it yet (it’s on my list!) but I bet it would work for this project as well.

I divided the bubble frosting in half and added purple dye to one. The purple dye I used was Blue Violet Dye from Muddy Soap Co. I expected it to be a bit more blue, but it was nice and purple. I happened to have some liquid dye mixed up from another project, otherwise you can add the dry powder.

Use a bit of frosting to adhere the llama to the bath bomb base. It doesn’t matter what color you choose; I happened to have white already in a bag from a previous batch.

Mix the purple in well. Once mixed, you can immediately put the purple into a piping bag and pipe a ring around the llama!

You can use any tip that you want. I happened to have a large French tip available so decided to use that.

After you’ve piped the purple ring around the llama, pipe another white one. Top with glitter or sprinkles if you’d like!

llama bath bomb and bubble bar

Since these are a bath bomb and bubble bar in one, you can hold the entire thing in the bath and watch it fizz. Then hold the bubble frosting part under running water to add bubbles to your bath!

Enjoy your party llama bath bombs!