This is part two is a series of posts about how to rebatch Wonder Bar! If you don’t know, Wonder Bar is our favorite solid bubble bath recipe! It was created by Amanda Aaron in 2020 and over the past few years we have found so many ways to work with this ridiculously amazing product.

One of the coolest things about Wonder Bar is that in addition to it being able to smoothly transform from pressed, rolled, scooped or piped versions of itself, it can also be rebatched. That means that no failed batch is ever really a complete fail, and—even better—those expensive ingredients don’t go to waste when things go sideways!


  • How wet is your wonder bar?
    The secret to achieving different textures in Wonder Bar is to use 91% Isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol. If the batch you want to fix is fresh and still wet from the rubbing alcohol, then you won’t have to use as much the second time around. If the batch has dried out then you’ll want to crush it up and add more rubbing alcohol. For a great visual aid on how to recognize the different textures you watch this video on our YouTube channel.
  • Expiration dates
    The expiration datesof your ingredients determines the expiration date of your product. If your oil has a 1 year shelf life and has been sitting in your shop 3 months before you add it to product, then that product has a 9 month shelf life. If you rebatch the mix, it still has the original shelf life minus the time it sat waiting to be sold. Always keep this is mind when reworking product.
  • Colors
    Some colors that look great in layers won’t look good when blended—and they will be blended. I tried to rebatch some rainbow bubble bath rolls and they looked like… poop. They turned brown and were completely unappealing to me. So try to keep our color studies in mind when you’re blending these up. You can find our free color studies here.
  • Mixer
    You don’t need a stand mixer to blend use Wonder Bar, but it does make it a lot easier. If you don’t have a kitchenaid-type mixer you can use a hand mixer in a large bowl.


The last rebatch version I showed you was turning a bubble roll that wasn’t as pretty as I wanted it to be into bubble scoops. Since I used a double batch to make these bubble rolls, I have plenty of extra bars left over to show you another version from the same exact batch.

This time I’m choosing to make Bubble Frosting! This is, by far, my favorite way to use Wonder Bar, but it does seem to trip some people up! The two main keys to beautiful bubble frosting is giving that bubble mix plenty of time in the mixer and being generous with the rubbing alcohol.

After breaking up the dried bubble roll and adding it to my mixer, I begin adding small amounts of rubbing alcohol until I reach a soft texture. I also decided that I wanted to make these a different color, so I added some Red 27 Lake and let that color mix in.

I kept adding rubbing alcohol until the mix created soft peaks—you don’t want stiff peaks or mashed potatoes! You want the mix to feel soft. When you fill a bakery piping bag with the bubble frosting it should come out easily and smoothly without a bunch of squeezing. If it requires a ton of pressure, then it’s probably easier to empty the piping bag, add more rubbing alcohol, and start again.

Wonder Bar bubble frosting tends to naturally stick to bath bombs, but just to be sure, you can lightly spray your bath bomb with rubbing alcohol right before piping! It works like a charm every time! I finished these off with some handmade glitter following the recipe from this recent blog post!

Occasionally we have someone adamantly declare that the amount of rubbing alcohol that we suggest in the Wonder Bar recipe is WRONG. And they might be right! The amount of alcohol is really dependent on your environment so if you find you need a whole lot more than what we suggest (like double for example!) to get a pipeable mix, and you have low humidity on a regular basis, then you might consider adding 5 extra grams of vegetable glycerin to your mix. Otherwise, you recognize the different textures of Wonder Bar by watching this video!

Wonder Bar Bubble Bar Recipe + Process Guide

Get one recipe to make it all! Make bubble bar scoops, rolls and bubble frosting, using just ONE recipe! Get Wonder Bar here.

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