A few weeks ago we showed you one way you can save a batch of bath bombs, and this week we have another solution we think you’ll love!

Once upon a time I had two batches of bath bombs with very different problems–one was soft and crumbly (and totally covered in warts! Oops!), and the other had uneven coloring. Rather than letting them go to waste I crumbled them up into two separate bowls. The blue bath bombs had embeds in them which I removed, but some crumbles of color were still left behind. I didn’t get too fussed over it, but you can run everything through a grinder if you’re really bothered by it!

Once the colors were broken up I used small plastic cups to create layers. I started by scooping one tablespoon of mix into the cup, then used another cup to tamp the mix down and create a straight line before adding the next layer. To make sure I used up the mixes evenly, I alternated which color I started with.

After the cups were filled I created a whipped topping using a half batch of Wonder Bar, our favorite solid bubble bath recipe! This Wonder Bar mix had actually been masterbatched ahead of time and you can read about how to do that here! Masterbatching is great because all I have to do is add the fragrance and the 91% isopropyl alcohol until I get to the creamy smooth texture of piped Wonder Bar!

Right before I piped the Wonder Bar onto the bath dust, I made sure to give the exposed bath bomb mix a light spray with 91% isopropyl alcohol. This not only helps to seal the bath dust into the cup and prevent it spilling everywhere later, it also helps the Wonder Bar stick better!

Once I was done piping, paper straws were cut very small and added while the Wonder Bar frosting was still wet. After that, the frosting was sprinkled with some biodegradable glitter from The Good Glitter Company and the bath bomb shots were left to dry for several days. I’ll likely use flat bottom bags as packaging, but you can absolutely shrink wrap the entire bath shot! Dry Wonder Bar will still hold its shape even when shrink wrapped with a heat gun!

People often ask how these should be used, or what instructions they should include. You can direct customers (or yourself if it’s for personal use!) to hold the bath shot under running water to help dissolve the frosting, or just dip the whole bath shot into the bath tub! While Wonder Bar is a solid bubble bath recipe, we don’t expect such a small amount to create many bubbles and it’s mostly acting as a decorative element. The bath shot itself however is loads of fun to play with in the bath tub, even if you’re an adult!

Since the first round of these were made in a Facebook live, I was able to ask our group what they thought I should use for colors and toppers. You can watch the replay on our You Tube here, or consider joining our Facebook Support Group for more ideas and inspiration from other like minded makers!

Happy Making!