Robyn started making Santa waffles last year and I think it’s fair to say everyone was obsessed! This year we made the bath bombs with a square mold and used our new drizzle recipes for his nose and belt! His beard is Wonder Bar!

In case you missed the Grinch bath bombs, check those out here.

Let’s walk through it! (Note from Amanda: These are probably my FAVORITE bath bombs ever! So cute!)

For this project, Robyn and I used Robyn’s Humid Weather Bath Bomb Recipe. We used Wonder Bar for the beard and Drizzle from the new Drizzle eBook for the belt. The little yellow belt embellishment was a sprinkle that we made but you could use some drizzle as well! 🙂

This tutorial is all about the design! You can use any bath bomb recipe that you prefer. Let’s jump into it!

For the mold, we used a Cada square waffle mold.

We wanted a bright and cheery red for this project so went with 3/4 teaspoon Red 40 and 1/2 teaspoon Red 27. For more red ideas, check out Robyn’s Red Color Study. We made waffles using 1/4 of Robyn’s batch (we used the rest for Grinch bath bombs and other projects) so be sure to up your color amount for the perfect saturation if you make a full batch. 1/4 batch makes about 3 waffles, so a full batch would make about 12-13. Each waffle weighed about 163 grams.

Step 1: Mix up your bath bomb mixture and add color to get that perfect Christmas red!

Step 2: Add binder until your mixture is the perfect consistency for molding your bath bombs.

TIP: Water as a binder: We LOVE water as a binder. It activates the mixture a tiny bit and creates a bath bomb that dries really quickly! You don’t need much! Be sure to mix it well to avoid warting.

Step 3: Mold your bath bombs! Check out this video of Robyn using Cada’s mold to make bath bombs. Super helpful!

A couple of tips when working with the waffle mold:

  • Tap each face plate to remove! Don’t pull it off without tapping!
  • Remove the solid face plate first (mark your mold) so you have that solid surface to put your bath bomb down onto.

Step 4: Dry your bath bombs before decorating. Depending on how humid it is where you live, you might need to dry them 1-4 days. I dry in a room with a dehumidifer running and mine only need about 24 hours to dry (even in humid Florida!).

TIP: Drying your bath bombs: The best way to quickly dry your bath bombs is to place them in a room with a dehumidifier running. If you have no humidity where you live, then you probably don’t have to do this. But if you have any humidity, I highly recommend investing in a dehumidifier. Even if you don’t have high humidity, it can help your bath bombs dry quickly so you can decorate and package even faster! I like this dehumidifier from Homelabs on Amazon.

Once dry, you can add your wonder bar piping and drizzle belt and nose!

Let’s do it!

We used Wonder Bar for the white beard! Easy peasy!

If you want to make just a bit of Wonder Bar for topping your bath bomb project, check out this blog post on masterbatching Wonder Bar! You can simply take out a bit of mixture and add alcohol as needed to get it to that piping consistency.

Or, you could make a whole batch of Wonder Bar and then use the leftovers to pipe bubble wands!

We took a bit of materbatched Wonder Bar and left it uncolored. We added alcohol to get it to the perfect piping consistency.

TIP: Before piping Wonder Bar onto your bath bombs, be sure to spray bath bombs with 91% alcohol to help it stick!

We piped the beard using an open star tip. The mustache is the straight line going across the bottom of the waffle (they’re upside down) and the ruffle below that is the beard. A nose will go in the middle. 🙂

Then we made a batch of drizzle to create his belt and nose. Be sure to let it get nice and thick so it isn’t too runny!

We had some yellow sprinkles that we had made for another project and decided to use those as belt buckles. You could also mix up some yellow drizzle and pipe that part as well.

We hope this inspires you to make your own Santa Waffles! Please share in the group if you do!

Happy Making!

Amanda & Robyn

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