Wonder Bar Walk-Through Masterclass (Video Only)




Grab Robyn’s 47 minute video walking you through all the ways to use Wonder Bar! This super detailed video will answer any questions you might have about the correct consistency for pressing, scooping, rolling and piping your bubble bars!

**Please note: This purchase does NOT include the Wonder Bar recipe! This product is for those that have already purchased the recipe. πŸ™‚ If you’d like the recipe + video, go here.**

Wonder Bar is a super versatile, humid-proof, bubble bar recipe that can be used to make a variety of bubble bar products including:

  • Pressed Bubble Bars – You can create a powdery version of Wonder Bar and press using bath bomb presses! You can use hand presses, like Cada Molds, or you can use an electric press like Electra-Press (I haven’t tested other machine presses).
  • Scoops – You can create a scoopable version of Wonder Bar and make adorable ice cream style scoops!
  • Rolls – You can create a very moldable version of Wonder Bar that rolls into fun bubble bar rolls!
  • Piping – You can pipe Wonder Bar as a frosting for bath bombs!

One recipe does all of this!


You do have to vary the processing agent in Wonder Bar to get the correct consistency for each application. It can be hard to do that without seeing it. And that’s where the Wonder Bar Walk-Through Masterclass video comes in handy!

Watch along as Robyn French Smith takes you through each different type of consistency and shows you how to create all the different types of Wonder Bar bubble bars including pressing, scooping, rolling and piping. Along the way she shares tips and tricks and even shows a variety of molds and techniques.

This video is the accumulation of over a year of working with and perfecting bubble bars using Wonder Bar!


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