Whipped Soap Base from Scratch (Foaming Bath Butter, Bath Whip, Shave Soap) Formulation Guide




What is whipped soap? Whipped Soap can also be called foaming bath butter, foaming bath whip, foaming bath base, body frosting… There are many things you can call it! Essentially, it is a surfactant based soap made with humectants, and stable fatty acids that are melted, combined, then whisked to perfection. The whisking introduces air to the dense base you’ve created and turns it into light, fluffy soap. It can be used to shave with, as a beautiful piped soap, or even as a creamy body scrub! 

There are, of course, ready-made bases you can purchase from soap suppliers, but if you’re anything like me, you like knowing and controlling exactly what is going into your recipe—plus it’s fun to make it from scratch!

There are also free recipes online that are… ok. But believe me, I wouldn’t have gone on this journey of creating my own version of a whipped soap base if I had found a free recipe I was satisfied with! Most of the recipes I tried either had great bubbles, but left my skin feeling really dry, or had lackluster bubbles, but left my skin feeling soft (and sometimes a little sticky!)

This whipped soap recipe will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished! It looks adorable piped into jars and your customers are sure to love it as much as we do!


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