Ultimate Bubble Bootcamp Bundle



Get our two amazing bootcamps for one low price!

12 Video Classes + 12 Detailed Handouts with Recipes + Extras!

Original Bubble Bootcamp Includes:

  • Basic Bath Bombs
  • Bubble Fondant
  • Rolling Bubble Bars
  • Bubble Frosting
  • Bubble Scoops
  • Decorating Bath Bombs

Learn more about the original Bubble Bootcamp!

Bubble Bootcamp: Color Masterclass Includes:

  • All About Dyes & Ombré Design
  • All About Lakes & Ombre Airbrush
  • Cool Dyes & Bubble Bars in Loaf Mold
  • Cool Lakes and Color Palettes & Inspiration Boards
  • Dyes & Rainbow Embeds
  • Using Lakes for the Perfect Rainbow

Learn more about the Bubble Bootcamp: Color Masterclass!


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