Shower Steamers and Soothers Recipes + Process Guide

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Learn to make shower steamers and soothers with Robyn French Smith!

23 page – Downloadable PDF eBook

These menthol packed shower treats open up a whole new customer base for the handmade cosmetic maker. There are a lot of people who only use showers because they either don’t have bathtubs, have water shortages, or aren’t able to use a bathtub safely. While they love the idea of fragrant bath treats and really want to have that spa experience, bath bombs just aren’t something they can utilize. The answer, of course, is to make shower steamers.

What is a Shower Steamer? A Shower Steamer is a menthol laden treat similar to a bath bomb in that it is made with a combination of citric acid and baking soda. When it comes into contact with water it will begin to fizz. As it fizzes out, the combination of steam and menthol vapor helps carry the aroma of essential oils to create a fragrant, opening experience. These are generally paired with peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and other powerful essential oils.

What is a Shower Soother? A Shower Soother is just an alternative of the Shower Steamer. Many customers ask for more “flavors” of shower steamers, but the menthol tends to be so overpowering it’s the only thing you can smell. Shower Soothers create that wonderful pampered, spa experience and open the door for customers to enjoy other fragrances.

Why these recipes? There are a lot of free recipes online for shower steamers, but this one is different. For starters it doesn’t use rubbing alcohol, which–who would have thought it in 2019–has become a hot commodity. This recipe also LASTS. I mean it really lasts a long time. Paired with an organza bag, customers can hang their Shower Steamer/Soother on the faucet or knobs of their tub and use them for multiple showers. Which means customers LOVE these, and really feel the added value of the product! We know you’ll love them too because they are so easy to make!

In the eBook, Robyn discusses:

  • Safety (when working with menthol and essential oils)
  • Formulation (how to formulate for category 9 versus 11 cosmetics)
  • Ingredients
  • Process
  • Molding
  • Packaging
  • Insurance
  • Cosmetic Claims

This is the most extensive shower steamer/soother eBook out there! You’ll have the knowledge to safely formulate and make these products. Your customers are sure to love these shower treats!

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8 reviews for Shower Steamers and Soothers Recipes + Process Guide

  1. Rachel Krynicki (verified owner)

    Amazing!! Totally a recipe worth getting! I make one with menthol and one without and my customers love both!

  2. Christa

    These recipes changed my business! Before I struggled with steamers and bath bombs. You need a recipe and they really put a lot of thought into these. I do use less menthol. I cannot praise Amanda and Robyn enough.

  3. Marlene López (verified owner)

    These are hot sellers. From the minute I made them, they were flyinyoff the shelf. My customers love the original with all the menthol and the “flavors” that I offer. I pack them in their corresponding color sachet for eye candy value and a clear zipper bag to hold the scent in. The formulations are easy to follow and scale also. I make a big brick for multiple uses and I am constantly having to restock every week.
    My customers buy at least 4 at a time and it’s been an amazing product to carry.

  4. Susan (verified owner)

    The best steamer recipe I’ve tried! The mix is easy to work with and the menthol is the perfect amount. My customers love the steamers and soothers I make with this recipe.

  5. Linda Meza (verified owner)

    I’ve only used the formula twice, no dedicated room and the first time was too cold to open windows to circulate the air. I made two batches this morning (yaaa, mother’s day) and I can’t say enough about both the formula and the instructions. Robyn is an absolute genius for coming up with her method of combing the wet and dry ingredients that almost guarantees the citric acid will not activate. The first batch I did became rock hard in a day. I expect today’s to react the same way. I highly recommend this ebook.

  6. Julie Angelo

    Thorough explanations and great recipes plus a few options. Much appreciated!

  7. Carolyn Grand (verified owner)

    Menthol shower steamers- these are brilliant – an absolutely fool proof recipe. I’m not a seller, family & friends only, but my son has major allergies, breathing difficulties ( he had an operation when younger to create “artificial airways” through his nostrils as had no airways & could only breathe thru mouth and operation was only semi successful) – & if he gets a cold on top, it’s hideous for him. I’ve always got menthol & have frequently done the old fashioned steam your head over a bowl technique with him when younger, but he’s 16 now. Used eucalyptus, peppermint etc in a burner at night. Menthol shower steamers. Made them using a little moon press, dried perfectly, he can do himself in morning shower and actually breathe afterwards. Life saver. Cannot praise this recipe enough. It works perfectly even in my nasty humid damp U.K. weather. Looking forward to making shower soothers at some point. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, it really has made a difference to my son’s quality of life. And that says it all. Absolute 5*

  8. Laurie Edgelow (verified owner)

    The shower steamers are amazing and have been a great seller. I’ve tried other recipes though this recipe definitely works the best! I appreciate the formulation section as it’s so easy to overdo it on some ingredients, especially menthol! I’ve gotten nose-dead to it, so being careful with the percentage used is important. I definitely recommend this recipe and all the value add you get!

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