Shower Fun: Steamers, Soothers and Shower Bombs



Join us for this fun mini bootcamp, where the focus is all about shower time! You’ll create fun shower bombs with Amanda and aromatic steamers and soothers with Robyn.

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Format: Recorded Zoom Videos + downloadable PDF handouts. You’ll have forever access to the videos and can watch whenever you want!

Shower Bombs with Amanda

Have you heard of shower bombs? A shower bomb is a bath bomb for the shower! It is formulated to work a little differently than a regular bath bomb.

To use a shower bomb you hold it in your hand under running water. Once wet, it activates, creating a dense and creamy foam. You scoop off the foam and rub it on your body! It leaves behind smooth and moisturized skin. I’ve formulated a shower bomb that you can spread over a few showers.

You’ll love these new and innovative products, and so will your customer!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • All about ingredients and equipment.
  • How to formulate a shower bomb, creating the perfect binding mixture.
  • Molding techniques.
  • Coloring and scenting.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Packaging.

In class we’ll make a batch of shower bombs. By the end of this session, you’ll know what results to expect and be confident in your ability to achieve them!

Shower bombs are a trendy new product that your customers are sure to love!

Shower Steamers & Soothers with Robyn

Learn to make Shower Steamers and Shower Soothers with Robyn French Smith! These menthol packed shower treats open up a whole new customer base for the handmade cosmetic maker. There are a lot of people who only use showers because they either don’t have bathtubs, have water shortages, or aren’t able to use a bathtub safely. While they love the idea of fragrant bath treats and really want to have that spa experience, bath bombs just aren’t something they can utilize. The answer, of course, is to make shower steamers.

What is a Shower Steamer? A Shower Steamer is a menthol laden treat similar to a bath bomb in that it is made with a combination of citric acid and baking soda. When it comes into contact with water it will begin to fizz. As it fizzes out, the combination of steam and menthol vapor helps carry the aroma of essential oils to create a fragrant, opening experience. These are generally paired with peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, and other powerful essential oils.

What is a Shower Soother? A Shower Soother is just an alternative of the Shower Steamer. Many customers ask for more “flavors” of shower steamers, but the menthol tends to be so overpowering it’s the only thing you can smell. Shower Soothers create that wonderful pampered, spa experience and open the door for customers to enjoy other fragrances.

Why this recipe? There are a lot of free recipes online for shower steamers, but this one is different. For starters it doesn’t use rubbing alcohol, which–who would have thought it in 2019–has become a hot commodity. This recipe also LASTS. I mean it really lasts a long time. Paired with an organza bag, customers can hang their Shower Steamer/Soother on the faucet or knobs of their tub and use them for multiple showers. Which means customers LOVE these, and really feel the added value of the product! We know you’ll love them too because they are so easy to make!

About the instructors:

Amanda Aaron

Hello! I’m Amanda, owner and blogger at Lovin’ Soap Studio. I’ve been making bath and body products since 2008. I quickly went from selling soap and other bath products to teaching classes in my own classroom and at conferences around the world. I’ve published over 200 blog posts, written over 15 books and have an extensive lineup of online courses. I also publish a new industry eMagazine for soapmakers called Soap Design Lab! I’m so excited to have you join me online and can’t wait to dive into the amazing projects that I have planned!

Robyn French Smith

My name is Robyn French Smith, and I own Scandalous Soap Company! I studied fine art at the University of St Thomas and the Glassell School of Art in Houston TX, and graphic design at The Art Institute of Houston. I started dabbling in DIY bath and body products over 10 years ago after moving to Alaska. While I knew how to make bath bombs for several years, I didn’t start formulating and designing my own bath fizzies until 2019 when I left my former LLC and launched my own company. Using my background in art to create beautiful and unique bath products, has been a joy! I love testing and experimenting, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned as we hang out on a virtual retreat.


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