Shampoo Bar and Conditioner Bar Recipes + Process Guide




Learn how to make solid shampoo bars using surfactants and other hair-loving ingredients!

Ditch the plastic bottles and make eco-friendly shampoo bars that your customers are sure to love!

Why make your own solid shampoo? 

The #1 reason to make your own shampoo bars is so you can control the ingredients that go into it! You can make shampoo bars for different hair types or you can make a shampoo bar that fits most hair types. You can add different vitamins, nutrients and additives. Solid shampoo bars are becoming super trendy! Your customers are probably already asking for them. 

The Benefits of Solid Shampoo

  • Minimal to no packaging, reducing plastic waste. 
  • Compact bar saves space in the shower. 
  • They last forever! Regular liquid shampoo incorporates up to 80% water in its formula! The concentrated surfactants in bar form last forever. 
  • They travel well! Just make sure you allow them to dry before packing away. 

We’ll include recipes for Melted and Molded Shampoo Bars as well as Pressed Shampoo Bars! 

Conditioner Bars! 

You’ll also get two recipes for solid conditioner bars! Combine solid conditioners with other hair-loving ingredients to create decadent conditioner your hair will love.

Facebook Group

Because shampoo bars can be a bit more involved when it comes to formulating, we created a Facebook Group for troubleshooting and guidance. It is only available for makers who purchase this recipe. You’ll receive a PDF after purchase that will explain how to join. You’ll need to enter your email address and order #. All questions should be posted in the group. We don’t offer formulation help in private messages or email.


We don’t normally list ingredients, but shampoo bars and conditioner bars use ingredients that are more involved! Here are some things you’ll need and suppliers! There are several recipes that use varying ingredients, so you won’t need ALL of these things depending on what recipe you go with. But we wanted to give you a heads up of what you’ll need. Making solid shampoo and conditioner requires an investment when it comes to supplies.

  • Surfactants, such as SCI Noodles and Powder, SLSa Powder, SCS Noodles and Powder.
  • Liquid surfactant, such as Cocamidopropyl Betaine.
  • Conditioners, such as BTMS-50 and BTMS-25, Cetyl Alcohol, Ceteryl Alcohol.
  • Hardeners, such as Stearic Acid and Sodium Lactate.
  • Emulsifying Wax.
  • Humectants, such as Glycerin.
  • Oils and Butters, such as Mango Butter and Avocado Oil.
  • Additives and film formers, such as silicones, proteins and panthenol.
  • Preservative, such as phenonip
  • Essential oils or fragrance oils for scent.
  • Colorants, such as lakes or micas.

Suppliers: Here are some suppliers you can find these ingredients at. Unfortunately, there isn’t a one stop shop. You’ll have to order from a few. You can almost get everything if you order from Lotioncrafter + Spiral Eye for surfactants.


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