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Expand your product line by adding lotion bars! There are numerous free lotion bar recipes to be found online and I promise you I’ve tried them all. In general the freebie recipes use 3 ingredients and end up being greasy and heavy, which prompted me to create my own versions. They quickly became customer (and family) favorites, and I hope you’ll love these carefully crafted recipes too!
With this comprehensive guide you will learn to make rich, buttery lotion bars that quickly absorb into the skin and don’t leave you feeling oily. You’ll learn what each ingredient does and how to customize your recipe with appropriate substitutions and additives. You’ll also learn how to prevent grainy texture in lotion bars and get tips on converting these established recipes into vegan versions! And, since these recipes are broken into grams and percentages you’ll be able to scale your production up or down depending on your needs.

Lotion bars are perfect for every type of handmade cosmetic maker. They make a great introduction to the world of rich lotions because they don’t need preservatives or expensive jars for packaging. At the same time, they can be nuanced and complex enough to excite even advanced makers. Skin-loving, emollient rich, and preservative free: what more could you ask?

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