Bubbles for Dad – Mini Bootcamp

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Join us for this fun mini bootcamp, where the focus is all about Dad! You’ll create a fun Pizza-themed bath bomb project with Robyn and create relaxing aromatherapy solid salt soaks with Amanda.

This is a recorded Facebook Live replay! You get instant access to the recorded videos.

Format: Recorded Facebook Live replay.

BONUS: Mixing Black Bath Bombs Video with Robyn! Follow along as Robyn mixes 5 black bath bomb colors!

Solid Salt Soaks with Amanda

In this special Father’s Day edition, you’ll learn to make solid salt soaks for Dad! We’ll go over essential oil blending, focusing on more masculine blends that any guy is sure to love. Solid salt soaks are primarily made up of Epson salt. When you drop them into warm water they activate and release skin-loving oils, butters and essential oils.

You have to have the perfect binding mix to make Epson salt stay together in solid form. Salt is also a humectant and can sweat in humid conditions. I’ll help you troubleshoot that issue, and help you create a solid salt soak that hardens up beautifully to package!

In this class you’ll learn:

  • All about ingredients and equipment.
  • How to formulate a solid salt soak, creating the perfect binding mixture.
  • Essential oil blending for more masculine scents.
  • How to safely dilute essential oils for the bath.
  • Molding techniques.
  • Coloring techniques, focusing on natural clays and botanicals.
  • Troubleshooting.
  • Packaging.

In class we’ll make two batches of solid salt soaks. By the end of this session, you’ll know what results to expect and be confident in your ability to achieve them!

Solid salt soaks are a trendy new product that your customers are sure to love! Who doesn’t like soaking in an Epson salt bath? Jazz it up a bit by creating a fun to use solid product that customers can toss into the tub to create a spa experience they’re sure to come back for.

Pizza My Heart with Robyn

Pizza My Heart is a great project for those wanting to learn more advanced techniques! We’ll combine bath bombs + cocoa butter drizzle + melt and pour embellishments to create this adorable project, perfect for the pizza lover in your life!

You’ll be able to take the techniques and tips learned in this class and apply them to your own designs and creations!

In this class you’ll be given a step by step walk through as we make a pizza bath bomb.

In this class you’ll learn:

  • All about ingredients and equipment for this technique
  • Different ways to mold your pizza shapes
  • Coloring tips
  • My formulation for humid climates
  • Troubleshooting and Pro tips for beautiful results
  • Packaging suggestions for on-point presentation

During this video we will make Pizza My Heart bath bombs and I’ll walk you through making the bath bombs using a recipe perfect for humid climates (I live in Houston!). Then we’ll make and embellish it using cocoa butter drizzle and melt and pour shapes.

Whether you’re just beginning your journey into all things bubbly, or you’re a seasoned pro, there’s something for everyone to learn with this exciting new project!

About the instructors:

Amanda Aaron

Hello! I’m Amanda, owner and blogger at Lovin’ Soap Studio. I’ve been making bath and body products since 2008. I quickly went from selling soap and other bath products to teaching classes in my own classroom and at conferences around the world. I’ve published over 200 blog posts, written over 15 books and have an extensive lineup of online courses. I also publish a new industry eMagazine for soapmakers called Soap Design Lab! I’m so excited to have you join me online and can’t wait to dive into the amazing projects that I have planned!

Robyn French Smith

My name is Robyn French Smith, and I own Scandalous Soap Company! I studied fine art at the University of St Thomas and the Glassell School of Art in Houston TX, and graphic design at The Art Institute of Houston. I started dabbling in DIY bath and body products over 10 years ago after moving to Alaska. While I knew how to make bath bombs for several years, I didn’t start formulating and designing my own bath fizzies until 2019 when I left my former LLC and launched my own company. Using my background in art to create beautiful and unique bath products, has been a joy! I love testing and experimenting, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned as we hang out on a virtual retreat.

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  1. Chelsea Worley (verified owner)

    I just LOVE Amanda and Robyn’s classes! I always learn so much. And with access to the replays, I can watch them over and over. Can’t wait to try the salt soaks tonight! So many possibilities with the pizza too. Great techniques that can be applied in countless creative projects!

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