Bubble Bootcamp: Color Masterclass

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Join Robyn French Smith and Amanda Aaron to learn all things color! Learn all about dyes, lakes and micas as we show you step-by-step how to incorporate them into your handmade products. We’ll talk color mixing, shelf-stability and more! Make sure you stand out with these amazing color techniques from industry pros!

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This six class series, with over 10 amazing projects, will have you creating fun and bubbly bath treats that your customers are sure to love. The focus of this course is color mixing and troubleshooting, but we are also thrilled to be debuting some adorable new projects and a fantastic new bubble recipe! 

This class series features:

Wonder Bar: A rock-hard bubble bar recipe! We unveiled a brand new bubble bar recipe with a unique process that creates incredibly hard bubble bars in mere hours! We love the original recipe, from Fun In The Tub, but we also know the most common complaint is bars that don’t dry, or take days to dry–especially for those that live in humid areas! Well, you can say goodbye to that frustration because this recipe works well in hand presses, scoops and as rolled bars. It works in humid areas and in dry areas. In short, this recipe works, and we can’t wait to share it with you!

****Landscape Bubble Bar Technique****

“Amanda will also introduce you to an AMAZING new way of creating bubble bar designs, using a loaf mold! What?!? Yes! You can layer bubble bar dough into a loaf mold to create stunning seascapes, landscapes and other designs. This technique has so much potential and we’re pretty sure it’s going to break the internet! Be there as she breaks ground and turns bubble bar design on its head!”

Format: Recorded videos and PDF handouts.

Learn more about each class and what you’ll learn below.

Ombré Day with Hot Colors!

All About Dyes & Ombré Design with Amanda

Get an overview of Dyes and how to successfully use them in your bath bombs and bubble bars! Dyes can be tricky when it comes to adding them to your products! Have you ever picked up a jar of green dye and it was yellow?! If you add that straight to your product you might get speckled, wonky results.

Dyes work best if you bloom them ahead of time. But do you know what blooming is, or that there are different ways to bloom? Amanda will show you how to do both a long bloom and a quick bloom. She will make each technique during the class and demonstrate how to implement them into your bath bomb mixture. Whether you’re creating a single color or a multi-color design, Amanda has your hot colored dyes covered!

Technique Focus: Blooming Dyes & Ombré Design

Color Focus: Hot Colors- reds, pinks, yellows & oranges

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • All about dyes and how to choose the correct one for your cosmetic products.
  • How to bloom your dyes ahead of time for flawless results.
  • How to create a quick bloom for quicker results.
  • We’ll focus on warm colors…red, pink, orange and yellow.
  • Troubleshooting

In class, we’ll make a ombré bath bomb and bubble bar design. Amanda has found a cool way to create ombré layers for your bubble bars without having to individually color each layer. Your mind will be blown by this amazing technique! By the end of this session you’ll be able to confidently pick and choose dyes to work with and achieve successful results every time!

All About Lakes & Ombre Airbrush with Robyn

Get an overview of Lakes and how to successfully use them in your bath bombs and bubble bars! Lakes can be easier than dyes to use in bath and body products, and can give you amazingly bright and vivid colors. However, you need to use more ounce per ounce for the color payout in the final bathwater when compared to dyes, and reds are notorious for staining! Learn how to get those bright bold colors and beautiful bath art you crave without staining anything or anyone!

In this class Robyn will also show you how to create custom color blends for a stunning hot colored bath bomb. You’ll also be shown 2 design ideas you can implement for completely unique bath products that will elevate your bath bomb game. She’ll also show you how to use micas to create a stunning airbrushed ombre bath bomb. In addition to planning color mixes, you’ll see how to use an airbrush and troubleshoot common airbrush issues.

Technique Focus: Custom Lake Color Mixes & Ombré Airbrush Design

Color Focus: Hot Colors- reds, pinks, yellows & oranges

In this class you’ll learn:

  • All about Lakes and how to choose them for your handmade cosmetics
  • How to integrate Lakes for the smoothest colors with no spotting
  • How to layer colors for amazing bath effects
  • Using Micas to create a perfect ombre
  • Airbrushing overview

Ocean Theme Day with Cool Colors!

Cool Dyes & Bubble Bars in Loaf Mold with Amanda

Get an overview of Cool colored dyes (blue, green & purple) and how to successfully use them in your bath bombs and bubble bars! Amanda will also show you how to custom mix a few different cool colors…specifically purple!

Dyes have both pros and cons. One of Amanda’s favorite things to do is combine dyes + lakes for a more shelf-stable product that performs well in the tub (coloring water, etc). She will discuss the benefits of combing dyes and lakes with you and show the techniques she uses to create fantastic bath products

Amanda will also introduce you to an AMAZING new way of creating bubble bar designs, using a loaf mold! What?!? Yes! You can layer bubble bar dough into a loaf mold to create stunning seascapes, landscapes and other designs. This technique has so much potential and we’re pretty sure it’s going to break the internet!

Technique Focus: Combining Dyes & Lakes and Bubble Bars in a Loaf Mold

Color Focus: Cool Colors- blues, greens & purples

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to custom mix the perfect purple dye.
  • How to combine dyes and lakes to create a more shelf-stable product.
  • We’ll focus on cool colors…blue, green and purple.
  • Troubleshooting

In class, Amanda will show you how to make a bubble bar design in a loaf mold. You’ll be amazed! By the end of this session you’ll be able to confidently pick and choose dyes to work with, decide if you want to combine them with lakes for more shelf-stable products and achieve successful, stunning results every time!

Cool Lakes and Color Palettes & Inspiration Boards with Robyn

Once again Lakes take center stage as Robyn shows you how to create custom blends in cool colors like Blue, Green and of course Purple–one of the biggest colors that makers struggle with! Learn how to blend like a boss as we make some adorable new projects!

Create an adorable Bubble Bar Creature and see variations on that fun project! Then see how a mold can be re-imagined as Robyn shows you a Jellyfish bath bomb made from a pumpkin mold! And probably most importantly, Robyn will show you how to create inspiration boards and other ways to encourage and enhance creativity so you can unlock your own potential!

Technique Focus: Color Palettes & Inspiration Boards

Color Focus: Cool Colors- blues, greens & purples

In this class you’ll learn

  • How to create the perfect purple lake blend
  • Two adorable bath projects
  • How to plan Color Palettes
  • How to enhance creativity and make inspiration boards

Day 3: Rainbow Day!

Dyes & Rainbow Embeds with Amanda

Amanda will show you how to use dyes to create stunning and colorful rainbow embeds! Dyes are perfect for embeds. You can pack a ton of color into a tiny cube that easily releases color into your tub.

She’ll talk about formulating the perfect embed recipe and go over a few different ways to mold them, then show you how she creates rainbow bar embeds, especially useful for cloud molds! If you’ve ever seen the bar embeds and wondered how they were made then this session is for you. Amanda will break it down step by step. Forget about vague instructions; see how it’s done step by step!

Amanda will also make a quick rainbow bubble bar design using her BRAND NEW bubble bar recipe. This versatile new bubble bar formulation can be used with 3D printed molds, moon presses, scoops, and can be rolled. In fact Amanda and Robyn are still exploring it’s potential and are thrilled to bring you this new show-stopping mix!

Technique Focus: Using Dyes for Stunning Embeds

Color Focus: Rainbows

In this class, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose the perfect dyes for your rainbow color palette.
  • How to formulate the perfect embed recipe.
  • How to mold a few different embed options and their applications.
  • Troubleshooting

In class, we’ll make rainbow embeds and fun rainbow bubble bar designs using dyes. Your customers will LOVE your new rainbow products that you come up with.

Using Lakes for the Perfect Rainbow with Robyn

How many Lakes do you need for a perfect rainbow bath bomb? Robyn will show you that with just three lakes you can create an entire spectrum of color and create amazing rainbow bath bombs. She’ll also show you how to predict the final water color to avoid gross looking bath water. Rainbows sell year round to so many demographics! If you don’t have a rainbow in your arsenal, then you’re really missing out!

You’ll also learn how to make and pipe bubble frosting! Robyn will show you how to create a fluffy cloud of solid bubble bath for your rainbow bath bomb to sit on for a new spin on the ever popular rainbow bath bomb design!

Finally Robyn will show you how to create embeds using an embed press, for even more embed options!

Technique Focus: Lakes and rainbow palette & Embed maker

Color Focus: Rainbows

In this class you’ll learn

  • How to make a perfect rainbow bath bomb using Lakes
  • How to predict final water color
  • How to make & pipe a simple bubble frosting
  • How to use an embed mold

Here are some of the projects that we’ll be making!


And the best part? You have forever access! You can watch the videos as many times as you’d like!

About the instructors:

Robyn French Smith

My name is Robyn French Smith, and I own Scandalous Soap Company! I studied fine art at the University of St Thomas and the Glassell School of Art in Houston TX, and graphic design at The Art Institute of Houston. I started dabbling in DIY bath and body products over 10 years ago after moving to Alaska. While I knew how to make bath bombs for several years, I didn’t start formulating and designing my own bath fizzies until 2019 when I left my former LLC and launched my own company. Using my background in art to create beautiful and unique bath products, has been a joy! I love testing and experimenting, and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned as we hang out on a virtual retreat.

Amanda Aaron

Hello! I’m Amanda, owner and blogger at Lovin’ Soap Studio. I’ve been making bath and body products since 2008. I quickly went from selling soap and other bath products to teaching classes in my own classroom and at conferences around the world. I’ve published over 200 blog posts, written over 15 books and have an extensive lineup of online courses. I also publish a new industry eMagazine for soapmakers called Soap Design Lab! I’m so excited to have you join us online and can’t wait to dive into the amazing projects that I have planned!

13 reviews for Bubble Bootcamp: Color Masterclass

  1. Tamar Gotshall-Maxon (verified owner)

    So fun and informative! I always look forward to these boot camps, no matter how much you know, you will take away at least 10 things from the classes if not more! Thank you so much for putting on these classes.

  2. Allison Wise (verified owner)

    Such an awesome and informative class! Packed full of awesome info!

  3. Crystal Haberman (verified owner)

    Informative! Entertaining! You can’t watch Robyn without laughing till you hurt yet still learning! Amanda is very knowledgeable and entertaining! So many great ideas! They want you to learn and succeed! No question is silly. Overall I would give it a 10 if there were that many stars!!

  4. Stephanie P.

    I absolutely LOVED this Bootcamp! As a newbie, I was provided with so much useful information in a very clear and easy to understand way. The classes were very entertaining, and they made me want to get to bath bomb making immediately! Thanks so much for such a fabulous class!

  5. Michelle Jacobsen (verified owner)

    Another fabulous bootcamp! I love watching it live and laughing with you all. We really have a great time learning together. I appreciate real you both are. I leave every class inspired to make new products or improve my old ones. Thank you again!! See you all at the next one 😉

  6. Patrice

    I absolutely loved this boot camp Robin and Amanda are so awesome with explaining everything from beginning to end letting us know about every detail and it’s so awesome how they allow you to ask questions during class. I also loved how everything was at an even pace where I was able to make my product and go along with them at the same time so I can ask questions if I did something a little different they we’re there to help me tweak it!

  7. Janey Davies (verified owner)

    Loved these classes. Clear instructions, great handouts and attention to detail. These gals really shine! So informative and supportive. We got all the secrets, as well as three days of fun. Highly recommended!

  8. Ashley (verified owner)

    I LOVED this class. I have been making products for 2 years and still learned so much. Amanda and Robyn are fantastic teachers that are knowledgeable and fun to learn from. Ladies, thank you for all the thought and time you put into this boot camp. It was worth every penny. I look forward to doing more classes.

  9. Renee McNair (verified owner)

    Another fantastic boot camp! These classes are fun, informative and inspiring. I always learn so much and have handouts for future reference AND access to the video replays too! Love that Amanda and Robyn are so fun, friendly and laid back. They are always quick to help with any problems too. Thanks for the great classes!

  10. Nayara (verified owner)

    I have loved the class. Aaron and Robyn are great professionals

  11. Aldrea Di (verified owner)

    Bubble Bootcamps are the best investment I’ve made in my business and myself since I started out. The depth and breadth of knowledge gained from these classes cannot be overstated, and it’s always much more than can fit in any course description. If you want to make great products and save yourself thousands of dollars in lost time, failed experiments, and unnecessary purchases (ESPECIALLY colorants!), this bootcamp is a must.

  12. Christa Hendrickson (verified owner)

    I wish I would have taken this class when I first started making bathbombs! I am learning so much for Amanda and Robyn. I started by buying Amanda’s book and then bought the steamer class and then the bubble color boot camp. It did not disappoint. I love the handouts and the videos.

  13. Laura Staley (verified owner)

    I thoroughly enjoyed this class! Until the Bubble Boot Camp, bath bombs were a bane. NOW, they’re a BOON! I can finally make them and color them with confidence! I love the Fun in the Tub book as well. I’m using the High Humidity Bath Bomb recipe with much success. This class helped me understand the science of bath bombs so that I can move forward without the headache that I experienced before. Thanks so much!!

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