Custom mixing dyes and lakes for bath bombs can be quite fun! Here is how I do it! 🙂

This is a custom purple using red 28 and blue 1 dyes.

Step 1: Choose your colorants. You’ll need to know some basic color mixing theory to get started. There are all sorts of images that you can find by googling basic color mixing. Blue + red = purple. Red + yellow = orange…etc.

Step 2: To get purple, I use more red than blue. Depending on the end color that you’re going for, you’ll have to test amounts. Use a small scoop and keep track of how much of each color you add. I mixed up 2 packed scoops of red 28 and a tiny amount of blue 1. I mixed the colorants into 1/2 teaspoon of warm water. Mix into a white container so you can see what you get.

I used very little blue 1! Here is about how much I added, along with two full scoops of red 28.

Step 3: Test a bit in water to see what you’re going to get. This will give you an idea. I just stick a skewer into the color and then mix it into water.

Testing the color in water. A little pink. I did end up adding a bit more blue 1.

Step 4: After I get a color that I like, I mix with baking soda to bloom. For this saturation, I mixed 1/4 teaspoon of my liquid color into 1 cup of baking soda.

Step 5: Allow the baking soda to dry and then make your bath bombs by adding the rest of your ingredients! I used the basic bath bomb recipe from my book, Fun in the Tub.

I hope this helps if you’re looking to mix up custom colors using dyes!