A member of our Facebook Group, Bath Fizz and Foam posted the most beautiful bubble scoops I have ever seen! The blue, green and purple one is stunning!

This member is Sarah LeBlanc with Le Soap (website coming soon)! Keep reading to see how she makes these adorable bubble scoops with stripes!

After sharing her pictures, Sarah received a lot of feedback asking how she did this design. She kindly made a video that she posted! You can view it here.

I asked if she would allow me to put a blog post together with images from her video and she was thrilled to share!

So, here is how she makes her beautiful striped bubble scoops using Wonder Bar!

Step 1: Make a batch of Wonder Bar and get it to scoop consistency. If you need help with that, check out Robyn’s video here.

Step 2: Divide your batch into as many portions as you want stripes in your scoop.

Step 3: Flatten your first layer into a rectangle-ish shape as shown.

Step 4: Layer on the next layer. And repeat for each additional layer. Sarah made four layers: pink, green, pink, green.

Step 5: Slice off a slice of your layer cake as shown.

Step 6: Smoosh that into the scoop, making sure that the stripes are smooshed in as the “face” of your scoop.

Step 7: If you need additional bubble bar to fill your scoop, simply grab some and smoosh it to the back of your scoop. It won’t affect the front striped design!

PRO TIP: Make sure your scoop’s bar will run along the stripes and not run against them!

Step 8: Unmold striped bubble scoop perfection!

So easy but what stunning results!

I soooo appreciate Sarah for being so kind to share and to make the video for the group. Well done!

Happy Bubble Scoop Making!

-Amanda Aaron

Want to create your own amazing bubble scoops! Grab Wonder Bar for a humid-proof bubble bar recipe that is super easy to work! You can scoop it, roll it, press it and pipe it!