Hopefully you didn’t miss the Spooky Purple Cauldron Bath Bombs we posted yesterday! Be sure to give it a read because we tell you where to find the cauldrons and also share some tips for making them. This project is very similar, but we created a layered mixture in the cauldron so that as it reacts, two different greens fizz out. Still a super simple project!

For this project, Robyn and I used Robyn’s Humid Weather Bath Bomb Recipe. We were together making soap in Florida and it behaved perfectly with the high humidity here.

We made the piping using Wonder Bar. Wonder Bar is a bubble bar recipe that can be pressed, scooped, rolled and piped!

Let’s jump into it!

Step 1: Mix up your bath bomb mixture!

Step 2: Color the entire mixture a light green. We used yellow 5 lake and then added microscoops of blue 1 until we got the green we wanted! We only added 1 microscoop, but you can add more if you want a different green.

Step 3: Divide your mixture in half and add a tad more blue 1 to create a different shade of green. Our original green is on the right and the new green (with a tad more blue 1) is on the left.

Step 4: Layer your mixtures into the cauldrons. We did three layers in each, but you can do more or less.

Step 5: Dry your bath bombs before decorating. Depending on how humid it is where you live, you might need to dry them 1-4 days. I dry in a room with a dehumidifer running and mine only need about 24 hours to dry (even in humid Florida!).

TIP: Drying your bath bombs: The best way to quickly dry your bath bombs is to place them in a room with a dehumidifier running. If you have no humidity where you live, then you probably don’t have to do this. But if you have any humidity, I highly recommend investing in a dehumidifier. Even if you don’t have high humidity, it can help your bath bombs dry quickly so you can decorate and package even faster! I like this dehumidifier from Homelabs on Amazon.

Once dry, you can decorate!

You’ll need some Wonder Bar to pipe onto the top! You don’t have to make a whole batch, because then you’d have to much left over. You can simply grab some from a masterbatch. Check out this blog post where we talk about how to masterbatch Wonder Bar.

We actually did end up making a whole batch of Wonder Bar, because we knew that we wanted to also pipe some green Bubble Wands! Check them out here.

We kept the piping on these pretty simple and just did a solid green color. (Again, we used yellow 5 and added microscoops of blue 1 until we got the perfect green) We then topped with these adorable devil and black cat erasers we found at Party City.

So cute!

Allow your cauldrons to dry completely! Once dry, you can package in shrink wrap. (Yep! Wonder Bar gets hard enough to shrink wrap!)

To use a cauldron, you simply let water run over the bubble bar topping to create a bath full of bubbles and then dip the bath bomb into water, lifting up and out. It is fun to watch the fizzing bath bomb mixture spill out like the cauldron is bubbling over.

Happy Bubble Making!

Robyn & Amanda

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