Sometimes making bath bombs doesn’t go as planned. Especially if you are new, there is a bit of a learning curve. Occasionally molding just doesn’t work out as planned and you’re left with a batch of bath bomb mix that you just didn’t get molded.

Some fizzy makers will get frustrated and throw it away! Don’t throw it away!

OR! You can intentionally make this product. 🙂 It really is a lot of fun to sprinkle into the bath.

You can allow your bath bomb mixture to dry and then package it into bags, jars or…shaker bottles! If you don’t let your mixture dry completely, it will solidify in the jar and be hard to shake out…so make sure it is dry and then crumble/powder it down.

Shaker (spice) bottles are fun to use, especially for kids. Fill up their bath tub and then let them shake a little (or a lot!) of fizzing powder into the tub.

I got the 9 oz. spice bottles from Amazon (affiliate link) here. There are tons of options! Make sure you get bottles with large holes.

Warning! Never use glass. If you do package early and your mixture creates gas from reacting, you don’t want exploding glass. 🙂

How do you like to package your fizzy powder?