My daughter LOOOOOOOOOVES playing with Play-Doh! I recently got her a Baby Shark Play-Doh set from Target. It came with cookie cutters to make adorable sharks!

That night, I immediately swiped it and headed to the bubble lab to try it with solid bubble bath dough!

I used the bubble recipe (rolled bar) recipe from Fun in the Tub. I bet Robyn’s Bubble Fondant recipe would work as well!

The cool thing about both my bubble bar recipe and Robyn’s bubble fondant is that you can tweak it to create a consistency that you need for your project. I needed my dough to roll out easily enough to cut using the cookie cutters. But I also wanted it stiff enough to easily move around the pieces to create my sharks.

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Here are some pictures from the process!

I divided my dough into two parts. 2/3 I colored purple for the shark bodies and 1/3 I left white for the white parts of the body. I also used the white dough and colored a little red for the mouths and black for the eyeballs.

Rolled out my purple and cut out the bodies.
Rolled out the white and cut out the white part of the bodies.

When placing one piece of bubble dough on top of another, you must wet it with alcohol or it might not stick. I sprayed with 91% alcohol.

I left the bubble dough in the cutter, sprayed with alcohol and then placed onto the purple body.
The kit comes with cutters for eyes and mouths! Adorable!

There are tons of really cute Play Dough sets out there! I’m making a list!

Happy Bubble Making!