We’ve shown you a few different Halloween Bubble Wand design on the blog. In case you missed them, check out:

Today, I wanted to show you a super simple but fun way to top your bubble wands!

The Orange/Black and Purple/Black Bubble Wands were topped with bat rings that we found at Party City! So simply and fun for kids!

The ghost bubble wands were topped with little ghost toys! I think they were erasers! Again, super simple and creates an adorable surprise for kids!

The last topping I wanted to show you is…a fancy sprinkle! Robyn created a fun recipe for making cosmetic approved sprinkles for bath bombs and bubble bars. In the guide she shows you how to pipe into long rows for the typical sprinkle look. You can also pipe it into more fancy shapes! We piped little pumpkins for a project and had some leftover. We used them to top these green bubble wands!

The fun thing about using a fancy sprinkle is that you can make any design for any occasion! You can create little red hearts to top Valentine bubble wands, ice cream cones to top summer bubble wands…the sky is the limit!

We’re going to have more info coming soon on piping these fancier sprinkles! So, stay tuned!

Piping bubble wands is soooooooo easy and fun! I hope you give it a try and be sure to share your creations in our group, Bath Fizz and Foam!

If you need the perfect bubble bar recipe for piping, be sure to check out Wonder Bar!

Wonder Bar Bubble Bar Recipe + Process Guide

Get one recipe to make it all! Make bubble bar scoops, rolls and bubble frosting, using just ONE recipe! Get Wonder Bar here.